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Beautiful Music

Recently, I’ve been listening to Pandora while I work. Pandora is great because it quickly learns what music I want to listen to, so I can leave it alone to play nice background music while I work. Better yet, once it knows what I like, it introduces me to new songs, similar to what I like.

If you’ve never tried Pandora, you should. Go to pandora.com and sign up for a free account.

As much as I like Pandora, it isn’t “bright and beautiful” in its own right, and therefore not worth a post on my blog.

Listening to Pandora, I’ve found music that moved and inspired me, great stuff. I bookmark it but never have anyone to share it with. Out of my tremendous urge to share several bits of great music this post was born.

Abraham’s Theme by Vangelis This is a fabulous song from the movie Chariots of Fire. It plays during the scene where Abraham loses his first race (to Eric Little). The movie is wonderful and inspiring, and this little song is my favorite. from the movie.

Ending (Open Your Eyes) by Evening Ocean I was just about to block Evening Ocean from my radio station for disrupting my inner yang, but then this song came on and tickled my eardrums. Love it.

Dawn by Omar Lopez No idea where this song came from. Listen to this guy on his electric violin (yes, they make such a thing). I’ve listened to some of his other stuff, and it’s good enough, but this is my favorite.

Walk With You by Ryan Farish Sorry, that’s not a link. Unfortunately, Napster’s music sampling service doesn’t have samples of my favorite songs. Ryan Farish has a wide variety of instrumental music in many styles. Naturally, I prefer some over others. Three of my favorites are “Walk With You,” “Sunshine in the Rain,” and “Watch the Sky.” I can’t make links to the samples, so if you want to hear the full songs in all their glory, try adding a “Ryan Farish” radio station to Pandora.

That’s all I’ll do for today. Next time I have the itch to share music with you, I might save myself some time and let you find the tunes on your own.



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